The Story of the Shaikan began a thousand years in the past with Janus Malacay, the highest alchemist at the court of the first emperor of the Northern People. On the search for the power of the Materia Prima, that germ of life that can still be found in the blood of the first creatures of the world, Malacay joined his blood with the blood of the captured dragon named Ur. Thus, he created a bloodline in whose veins the blood of the dragons was mixed with the traces of the humans' ancestors and which created a substance full of vital forces. In it the original spark of life, the germ of creation, came back into being. This blood not only made Malacay’s children stronger, faster and more robust than common people, the vital forces of the dragon blood sometimes even bestowed them with the ability to resurrect others by donating some of their blood.
But all this sure had its price. Malacay’s spirit was corrupted by his success and with the power of this blood he set out to form the world's fate according to his will until the gods intervened and destroyed him. But his soul escaped into the blood of his children, where over centuries it hid as a whispering voice from the wrath of the gods. Along with it the curse of Malacay's evil spirit and the bad reputation about his break with the gods came over the dragonblooded. This is why they were called Shaikan, which means “godless” in the dark language. Fear, suspicion and a history mingled with treason and Malacay’s evil influence never let the Shaikan find a home, neither in the lands of the Light nor of darkness. They lived with war on all sides. Their extraordinary fighting power made them popular as mercenaries, but they could never find true allies.
Only with the destruction of Malacay’s soul by the last Soulbearer, the Shaikan were freed from the curse of treason and able to choose their own path. Now they have found a shelter in the land of Westguard and not only do they begin to build friendships with other nations, but for the very first time they also carry their own banner with pride as one independent nation among the peoples of Fiara.
Even if the number of Shaikan on the battlefield is usually small, their fighting power mostly outweighs those of other nations by far. Their shrewdness and versatility enables them to adapt their fighters and their equipment to the necessities of the battle at hand

The germ of life slumbering in the blood of the Shaikan can be the origin for a very special kind of magic. Only very few and very experienced Shaikan can trigger the special ability of this blood magic, the ability to give life. With a bloodmage ritual a Shaikan can use the germ of creation in his blood to rekindle the spark of life in a fallen Shaikan. This art, which up to know could only be used by the most powerful Shaikan, is now being studied by the Bloodmages. Because as long as the Shaikan haven’t found a dragon for a new blood bond, the death of one of them will thin out the bloodline until it has disappeared completely. To reduce the price for the battle the Shaikan blood has to pay again and again - this is why the Bloodmages were created. But not all Bloodmages are capable of resurrecting their blood siblings. Most of the ones coming straight from training at first only know how to heal. Only with the additional studies at the Halls of Teaching the Bloodmages acquire the ability to resurrect, which is what makes the humans among the Shaikan so special.

When the Shaikan had resettled from the rough lands of the Iron Fields to the green pastures of the Westguard, they started to breed their own horses. Only a calm and strong animal that has lived with the Shaikan since birth will be able to resist its natural fear of the dragonblood in the veins of the Shaikan. The Vanguards are the spearhead of the Shaikan troops. They are fast armored riders breaking up the ranks of the enemy or rushing into the flanks to pave a way for the advancing Blade Masters into the opponent's formation. But the Shaikan are well aware that the Vanguards are too precious to just let them gallop against the enemy’s blade wall. Now and then the Shaikan make especially light javelins for them, according to the Kathai way that they can use to weaken an enemy army from a safe distance.

The friendship the Soul Carrier built up with the Morhir, the fighting elves from Dun Mora, gave the Shaikan the opportunity to learn some of the elves' arts of archery. Taught by Ylia, the ambassadress of the Morhir, the marksmen of the Shaikan do not use inaccurate arrow clouds to force their enemies into cover. Even if their number on the battle field seems ridiculously small, each of their arrows will reach its target and demand its price in the ranks of the enemy. Equipped with special bows, the marksmen even master the art of the multiple shot, an archery technique that enables them to take out several enemies with just one shot of their bow.

To thank them for saving them, the dwarven forges of Winterlight Peak taught the Shaikan how to make the scales armor that soon were to become the emblem of the soldiers under the dragon banner. Fine scales made of wind steel keep all blades safely away from the flesh of the carrier, but their weight is almost imperceptible, and their dense pattern coats the body of the fighter almost like a second skin. With these light scales armor of the Shaikan, for the first time, fast and agile fighting arts could be used without the fighter having to sacrifice armor protection for flexibility. Thus Ayiro, the Shaikan Weapons Master from far away Kathai, could introduce the young female fighters of the dragon banner to the art of the Desert Storm Blade; a very agile and lethal art of fighting which requires the double blade of the Kathai. If the battle requires it, the Blade Master can also fight with a common shield and sword. This gives her a more protection against attacks, but also deprives her of the destructive power of her double blade.

Standard Bearer
The small Shaikan army would soon be defeated if they only relied on the power of their dragon blood. And even their good equipment and adaptability do not decide each battle. The real strength of the Shaikan is the cohesion of their units, the closeness with which they operate, their quickness to act, and their readiness never to leave behind one of their small number on the field. Standard bearers always march with each Shaikan unit. They do not only pass on the orders of the commander to the troops, but more importantly carry the blood-red dragon banner high over the heads of the troops for everyone to see. These banners keep reminding each Shaikan of what he is fighting for, and in the thick of the battle, it represents the blood-red sun of hope. As long as the banner is visible up in the sky, there are still Shaikan fighting. Experienced Standard Bearers even have the possibility to learn the Call of the Dragon in the Halls of Teaching. It kindles the fire of the dragon blood and thus multiplies the fighting power of the Shaikan hearing it.

Blade Minion
Yasha Ashir spent many years trying to replicate the masterpiece of her father, the Circlemage Hokan Ashir. Alas, her magic could not measure up to the most powerful necromancer of all time. She would have likely failed in her efforts, had she not discovered the power inside the dragonblood of the Shaikan, and with it, unlocked the secret of her Blades. With but a few drops of this powerful essence, she managed to form blood crystals that would provide her new pets with life. And so they came in waves, like cold winter light, they marched through the lines of their foes. Their lances and blades were like a sickle of death, the last thing many saw before their life was snuffed out forever. They many not have been able to compare to her father's work, but they were more than capable of forcing the best fighters on Eo to their knees. Who knows how far they may have come, had an old friend not stopped her in her tracks, but that is a story for another day….

Blade Spellbreaker
Yasha’s Blades were, indeed, more than simple brutes. The first of their kind were quite skilled with a weapon in their grasp, but Yasha soon discovered that only a slightly more concentrated blood crystal is needed for them to wield powerful magic. So, she made the Spellbreakers, and once their empty hulls are filled to the brim with magical Essence, they shall rain madness onto their foes.

Blade Destroyer
The most powerful army of all the realms is useless, should it fail to conquer the bulwarks in its way. A harsh lesson Yasha had to learn, as she was standing before the gates of Dragh’Lur. Her forgers smouldered once more and out of them came the destroyers. No obstacle may hold these fortresses of iron, and so the gates of the impregnable soon laid open and its inhabitants at the mercy of these harbingers of death.