The Pact - Shadows

The heart of the Pact consists of the Dark Elves, the people of the nightgod Nor, known as the Norcaine. The culture of the Norcaine has always been shaped by the fight between the two largest castes, the warriors of the Dracon and the sorcerers of the Archons. While the warriors are striving for an honourable life in the fight against the Light, the Archons are recklessly striving for power.
This striving made the current High Archon Toth Lar forge the bond with the Shadows with the help of his mother Sorvina. He gave a part of the power of life of his people to the Shadows and in return got the invisible Assassins who slaughtered his antagonists in the caste of the warriors within just a very short time. The honour of the Norcaine died along with these warriors.
But the Dark Elves have been dragged out of their paralysis that was caused by this inner conflict and now they are ready for new campaigns.
The new allies of the Norcaine, the Shadows, are invisible in their normal form and only become visible when they want to or when their lethal blow hits its target. It is known that they came to Eo from another world, but nobody really knows their goals and plans.

How the Shadows exactly came to Eo is unknown, but it was the doing of Nazshar, Sorvina’s husband, who helped them disperse there. Their bodies are like black depths where all light and life just disappear. They usually move about on the shadow level, invisible to normal creatures. Only when they fight against a visible opponent, do they have to leave the shadow level and become visible. At this moment, the magic of the shadow level runs through them and they can launch a single devastating attack against their unsuspecting victim. Their blades directly appear in the bowels of the enemy and quickly kill them.

Silently and invisibly the Nightmare is gliding above the battlefield, until he has spied out his victim. Similar to the Assassin on leaving the shadow level he goes down in a devastating attack on an unsuspecting target. For veterans that have fought against the Shadows once before a sky full of enemies is never as scaring any more as an apparently empty sky that can turn into a screaming inferno of darkness any moment.

Similar to his Shadow brothers the Ravage attacks from out of hiding, but turns its power against buildings. Penetrated by the power of the Shadows, the Ravage even makes the earth tremble when he changes into the visible world. That is how he destroys buildings and facilities of the enemy.

The Netherbeast
On their journey through the abysses of the eternal night between the worlds, the Shadows have come across atrocities even the worst nightmares of Eo’s inhabitants could not create. Under the lightless face of a devastated world, the Netherbeasts lie waiting, hungry and restless. Nothing in their world is alive any longer; in their greed, they devoured everything there was. Thus they happily follow the conjurations of strangers calling them to feast and fill their bowels in a bright world full of life. The Pact makes use of their hunger and lets them harvest abundantly in the armies of the Light. The huge claws of the Netherbeasts most of the time kill several Light worshippers in one go, while their poisonous breath sends their opponents down on the ground twitching with pain and agony.