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Mods overview:

SF Platinum Edition - (native) High Resolution Mod + Healthbar Fix 1.8

The SF-HR Mod makes it possible to start and play the game in your natively used Desktop resolution with the exact same resolution being used and rendered ingame and optional fixes render issues of the game on modern hardware.

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Full native resolution scaling

Apply your desktop resolution to the game and see SpellForce on modern Systems in high definition.

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No stutter performence

Experience a high definition SpellForce experience without any emulation stutters.

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No more missing healthbars

No more missing informations on modern GPU hardware because of render issues.

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Up to 4K and more support

Dynamicly natively render your game on modern high end resolutions.

This is a non-profit community fan project. All content of this “SpellForce High Resolution Mod” is created by normal SpellForce users and fans without breaking the copyright or damaging the original publisher of SpellForce. This mod was created by Made by NeoX as part of the IT-Husky Group with technolegy of Vulkan.
© 2003-2023 THQ Nordic GmbH; THQ Nordic GmbH, SpellForce Series and SpellForce Platinum Edition is a wholly owned publishing subsidiary of THQ Nordic AB. The THQ Nordic logo and the THQ Nordic symbol are registered trademarks or trademarks of THQ Nordic AB. All rights reserved.

!This Mod was only developed for the Version 1.54 of SpellForce Platinum Edition. Later version can be compatible but not support all features

What is the High Resolution Mod?

The SF-HR Mod makes it possible to start and play the game in your natively used Desktop resolution with the exact same resolution being used and rendered ingame.

What ratios are supported?

You will have no issues playing in the classic 4:3 and even 16:10 or 16:9 depending on your natively used resolution of your screen.

How does the Mod work?

The mod is an own Game-Exe that overloads the native vanilla game exe of SpellForce without changing it, then starts the game in a sort of "windowed mode" but expands it in size and position to work and look like a fullscreen mode/game.

What version of SpellForce Platinum is supported?

We only support 1.54 or 1.52 of SpellForce Platinum. other versions of the game may work too, but we can not cover for that.

Do i have to do anything special to use this mod?

Please make sure that the exe is ALWAYS executed with admin permissions or it won't work correctly.

Is this mod compatible with other mods for SpellForce?

Yes, thanks to the own exe solutions of this mod, all other adjustments to the game on the user side should not be effected and should be able to be mixed in.

Will it fix the missing healthbars ingame on modern GPU's?

Yes, thanks to the implemented technolegy of Vulkan, this issue should be solved for everyone, but is included as an optional solution.

Known issues of version 1.8

  • the resolution does stretch after some cutscrenes but can be solved by just changing the ingame resolution to anyrhing else for a short time or restart the game after saving
  • the lifebar on your character profile is invisible if native resolution is applied

Changelog 1.7 -> 1.8

  • updated Vulkan API files
  • added settings + configuration to let the game window be sized async from the game internal resolution
  • expanded setup with optional configuration presets
  • updated mod visuals

Download (link)

SpellForce Revisited - Version 1.30

SpellForce Revisited is an overhaul of SpellForce: The Order of Dawn and Breath of Winter.The Free Game Mode and Shadow of the Phoenix are affected by the general changes that have been made to the game data itself like adding missing spells to units, but the maps have remained unedited for the time being. SotP is the campaign that I intend to work on next.

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New enemy AI behavior and interactions

Enemies and allies alike will involve themselves in the battles for Eo and fight either by your side against a common threat - or fight both you and their hated enemies!

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Your Actions have consequences

A more dynamic world to make the world feel more alive! Revisiting maps you have long completed may surprise you!

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Several Map enhancements

House Leonidar may be a small house but they remain a royal house. Shal is a great city of the Norcaine yet only protected by a palisade. No more! Revisited changes that - as well as some other map visuals!

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New Foes and Visuals

Implementation of both new and unused enemies and addition of new unit models!

What does this overhaul feature?
Generally speaking, SpellForce Revisited is aiming to make the game both more challenging and more rewarding to play while also tweaking some of the mistakes of the vanilla game like units that should have spells not having them or not being able to use them (this is happening in BoW and SotP especially) as well as give more unit models a more unique look.

Spells and unit weapons have also been buffed to be more useful overall.

The enemy AI is deploying larger amounts of units which also tend to be more powerful. More bosses have been added to be slain and existing bosses have been made stronger. Another major change is that I have edited the attacking speed and made it much faster for many races, both enemy and ally alike, to make both more powerful. The AI now also uses the nomadic script more often to patrol on maps more regularly.
In addition, the clan relations have been tweaked to cause more situations that result in your enemies fighting each other – which also just is more lore friendly. The Demons and Undead should not get along, given the history of their most famous former masters.
Aiming to both give the different factions more personality and a higher variety of unit models and types, I have done quite some texture editing in addition to also using skins from the SpellForce Reworked mod (with permission of the author, again thanks for that).

What languages is this mod supporting?
SpellForce Revisited supports the English and German languages.

Is there anything to keep in mind?
Overhaul mods such as SpellForce: Revisited tend to be quite challenging on high difficulty because of the spawns being sped up, resulting in a higher amount of elite units being spawned.

Download (link)
Shar Dundred