From the depths of the earth the Red Horde streams constantly to the surface. They hunger for the flesh and souls of those born into the world and thirst for the thrill of killing. Long ago, they came from the burning gorges of the Barga Gor and their number was legion. The armies of the world fought valiantly to drive back these creatures, but in the end, the power of the Gods was necessary to collapse the Barga Gor and banish the demons into the caverns below the surface. Yet still, they strive to come ever closer to the light, and will readily appear for those who would summon them from the depths. They fight with passion, and only one powerful in the arts of magic can hope to control their bloodrage.
No one knows their exact origin, but many believe demons are left-over souls that the Great Smith threw into the fire of the earth, repulsed by their malice. For whenever Niethalf, the Soulsmith, takes a new soul from the River of Souls to form it for a new life, he checks his work carefully. Many souls are filled with such viciousness or guilt that he throws them back into the blaze, for never would he be able to form good from them. And so they burn, unable to return to the River of Souls, until their evilness forms its own shape. Deformed figures they are, ugly and grotesque, yet malice and greed give them power that those born on the surface learn to fear even in their dreams. Even though they lurk many miles below the earth, their power reaches far and their faces live in the twitching shadows, the dark corners and nightmares of the world as a sempiternal memorial of danger.
And as the world becomes more and more evil and cruel, the more these creatures ache to reach the surface, where they would celebrate the victory of their unnatural existance in their thirst for war.

Lesser Demon
They are the mass and power, an endless flod from the depths. Under the earth’s protective crust, their greed grows and anyone who summons them to the battlefields of the world unleashes their thirst for killing in a orgy of death. They know neither tiredness nor remorse and like a red storm will consume anything and everything in their path. Their unholy claws penetrate both iron and flesh with ease, their acidic slobber and burning blood turning the ground to ash. Any land where the Red Horde wages war is doomed to become a barren desert of ash and blackened rock, where a dark sky full of dust smothers all life. Only the glowing blood of the earth that springs out of the surface with them sheds light in these dark places. The lesser demons mainly use their claws and fangs to kill, but there are a few amongst them that command the power of Fire Magic. Demons are difficult to control, but many a summoner has managed to force the hordes of lesser ones to do his bidding.

Though there are fewer of them, a Succubus is by far more dangerous than the lesser demons. Born from sin and decadence, they are more evil and wicked than any lesser. With the power of their seduction, they constantly strive to lull those born on the surface into subjection through visions and dreams, always hoping to find a way to the surface where blood and flesh await. Once they are freed from their prisons, they show their true faces, swarming out like hordes of bats, gleefully killing anything that comes their way. Most kill with their bare hands, but they are also able to use weapons. Their true dangerousness, however, is the magic they are able to wield. They can control fire as well as they can the mind, and often drive their victims to insanity with their power.

Their spirits flow from the abyss and form rock in their image, permeating the world of the living to kill in stony form and prepare for the onslaught of the horde. They are scouts and harbingers, watchers, who from the roofs of towers and houses are constantly on the look-out for victims, whom they seize and throw into the depths of the earth as a sacrifice to the horde. Of all demons, they are the easiest to control. Once a body has been formed from rock, it is simple to summon a Gargoyle spirit and fill the rock with unholy life. Thus summoners have always valued their use as guards and servants. The people, however, look up to the stony, distorted faces on mages’ towers with fear, for no one knows if they may not come alive one night and begin the hunt for new victims…

Flying Demon
Amongst the horrors of the Red Horde, there are creatures whose bodies have been deformed to their very limits. Their backs split open with an agonizing scream, giving way for wings of flesh to grow out of them. No sooner had their pain worn off than they took flight. Their bodies remain heavy, covered in a layer of tough, leathery skin, preventing but the most skilled marksmen from taking them down, but the sheer power of their swings allows them to accompany lesser demons as they ravage the battlefield, raining death from the skies as their brethren carnage the ground below them. Though their fangs and claws remain as deadly as ever, their true strength lies in the elementary spells many of their kin have managed to master. In hordes of blood and darkness, they cover the skies across Eo, syphoning the lifeforce of any unfortunate enough to find themselves in their path.

Greater Demon
Among the flow of the lesser demons they wander, as leaders and hurriers, cracking their flaming whips over the heads of their servants to drive them forward. They are the most powerful of the Reds and it is they control the horde’s destiny. The feared barters between greedy mages and the demons are their doing, and it is the goal of any summoner to learn the true name of a Greater Demon and thus gain control over him. To date, only one mage has ever managed to control such a demon. Uram the Red, member of the Circle and a master summoner, unleashed the Red Horde in all their cruelty in the Convovation War. With his power of a single Greater Demon, he was able to command an army that destroyed every other on the battlefield - except for one, but that is a tale best told another time. The only way to control a Greater Demon is by learning his true name, and there are few that have lived to tell of an encounter with these creatures. Their flaming tentacles, claws and fangs bring swift death and they command the power of fire like no other - anyone claiming that a Greater Demon is match for an entire army is not exaggerating.

Der Pakt

The heart of the Pact consists of the Dark Elves, the people of the nightgod Nor, known as the Norcaine. The culture of the Norcaine has always been shaped by the fight between the two largest castes, the warriors of the Dracon and the sorcerers of the Archons. While the warriors are striving for an honourable life in the fight against the Light, the Archons are recklessly striving for power.
This striving made the current High Archon Toth Lar forge the bond with the Shadows with the help of his mother Sorvina. He gave a part of the power of life of his people to the Shadows and in return got the invisible Assassins who slaughtered his antagonists in the caste of the warriors within just a very short time. The honour of the Norcaine died along with these warriors.
But the Dark Elves have been dragged out of their paralysis that was caused by this inner conflict and now they are ready for new campaigns.
The new allies of the Norcaine, the Shadows, are invisible in their normal form and only become visible when they want to or when their lethal blow hits its target. It is known that they came to Eo from another world, but nobody really knows their goals and plans.
The gargoyles are no real members of the Pact. They are bloodthirsty demons from the inner centre of the world that have been given a form by magic. Grateful for their new bodies and happy to quench their blood thirst at last they throw themselves into battles for their masters. Sorvina’s knowledge as an alchemist of the Silver Hand enabled her to join these creatures into the army of the Pact.

Frost Gargoyle
In the endless caverns underneath the surface of the world, these demons are waiting for a possibility to get to the surface and quench their thirst for flesh. A skilled conjurer can make such a ghost his servant by forming a body that he can take hold of. The Dark Elf D’arh found a way to combine a gargoyle created like this with the essence of an element and thus give it special powers. The Frost Gargoyle is formed with an essence of the winter. Its body of ice is hard to break and its frost spells bring icy death through the air.

Fire Gargoyle
This gargoyle is formed in the bloodfire with an essence of the flame. It is the counterpiece of the Frost Gargoyle, as their skills complement each other. Driven by the glowing earthblood in their veins the Fire Gargoyles lift themselves up in the air as burning infernos and burn everything that gets in their way. They circle above the lands they depredated, full of joy and ecstasy about their own destructive powers.

Stone Golem
The Stone Gargoyle is formed in the magma forge. It is a terrible melee combat fighter whose skin of rock a sword can hardly pierce. Its fists of dense rock go down on the opponent like an avalanche. Neither fear, nor pain, nor exhaustion can harm this stone giant.