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Mods overview:

SpellForce 2 - Hero Content Patch

The SpellForce 2 Hero Edition is a special edition of SpellForce 2 Gold Edition (Shadow Wars + Dragon Storm) that was released in late 2008 as a last attempt by :Deadjowood: to squease some money out of SpellForce 2 and trying no to go bancrupt right on the spot. The SpellForce 2 Heroes Edition is simply the SpellForce 2 Gold Edition with all Patches applied and additional content that was 100% community created (Mods). Deadjowood did take mods from the maps upload section and everything that was positive rated on the forums in the editor channels. Most Modauthors were not aware their mods had been used in a commercial product.With this Content Patch we collected these community made mods of back then that were lost to time (and the death of the original forum) and offer is here as Content patch for everyone to enjoy. There were no official mods or files used in this project, only the community work of back then.

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Automatical Setup

The SF2-HCP is a full patch/installer that will modular automaticly install all its content based on your configuration.

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5h of new gameplay time for the Free Game Mode

Thanks to over 9 new maps for the free game mode, the experience gets expanded by over 5h of gameplay fun with new loot and experience to gain.

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New Events and Challenges

Explore the world of SpellForce 2 again with new foes and enemies to faith. No Quest is like the other.

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Reworked and expanded Campaign

All campaigns and arena mode have gotten a little redesign with new events, rewards and battles waiting for you.

  • adds/manages [Free game Mode] Miene Mod Map by NeoX
  • adds/manages [Free game Mode] Holy Forest Mod Map by NeoX
  • adds/manages [Free game Mode] Der Voelkerpass Mod Map by NeoX
  • adds/manages [Free game Mode] Burg Sommerfall Mod Map by NeoX
  • adds/manages [Free game Mode] Dark Desert Mod Map by NeoX
  • adds/manages [Free game Mode] Die stillen Berge Mod Map by NeoX
  • adds/manages [Free game Mode] Desert Walk Mod Map by NeoX
  • adds/manages [Free game Mode] Candahar Mod Map by Candahar
  • adds/manages [Free game Mode] Durch Feindliche Linien Mod Map by Nakorson
  • adds/manages [Free game Mode] Campaign Rework Mod by Edriano
  • adds/manages [Free game Mode] ArenaRework Mod by Edriano
  • adds/manages [Shadow Wars] Campaign Rework Mod by Edriano
  • adds/manages [Dragon Storm] Campaign Rework Mod by Edriano
Download (link)
NeoX, Nakorson and Edriano